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An instantaneous summary of my working history. I have been collaborating with an active diverse private trust. We emphasis on investments and management of the asset,  going on concerns of monitor holding, troubleshooting assignments, directly graciously negotiated loans with other bank customers, attorneys and accounts function more than 20 years, employees full-time in asset management company journey banks and Minister of Finances as a part of Bank of Thailand.




Personal Achievement

  • Building a better negotiation skill from American Managements Association International.

  • Receive a residential mortgage achievements award from Bangkok Capital and Alpha Capital AMC, a member of GE Thailand.

  • The Best Employee in 2015 and a part of the Branch Management and Corporate Communication Departments {BC} on the organization with asset management of the company at the national level a major role in managing and resolving distressed asset. {Organizational made income more than 50,000 million

         baht in 19th years to the BANK OF THAILAND as

         Minister of Finances}  





  • In process of consultant land for sale more than 90 million baht in the areas of Chiang Mai – Lampang,

  • Inspired to become a successful owner of the business, one-stop services, wellness houses, and healthy care spa organic product.



  • Negotiation skills with international individuals better.

  • Set a great essential to become a high-impact leader.

  • Getting to know the customers and patrons.

  • Due diligence negotiation technique.

  • Skillset to success.

  • Set a reasonable purchase price.

  • Auction property.

  • Set a marginal of the property

  • Master of One-Page summary for the entire short course in Thailand, Malta, and Norway in the workshop for successful women.


Creation/Foundation as a Small Bussiness Owner:

  • PIM DEE HOME Co.Ltd conducting asset sale.

  • Owned a small business.

  • Rental house for foreigners.



  • Thai Massage for Health

  • Herbal Treatments for Body Massage

  • Aromatherapy Massage Program

  • Ministry of Public Health


  1. Planned to travel around 18 countries on vacation times and gather ideas to become a successful business of a one-stop service healthy wellness spa.

  2. Create a great quality of Thai product that will be a successful exporter that will be beneficial for Thailand during the economic crisis situation impact by the COVID 19.

  3. Believed and love of herbal and coconut oil from good clients that filling to be an owner exporter in organics business seminar.

     4    To cooperate with my lessee, exporter and 

            owner business on brand


  • Seminar and training with DITP { Department of International Trade Promotion,}

  • Basic EXPORTER Program Basic Knowledge Import Export 2020

  • Tonka to Goal Local to Global 9th in 2020

  • Modern Agriculture Online to Global 2020

  • Improved Life Great Proud First Step to be Exporter, with Thai Products


  • 1 in 20 SME { Small and Medium Enterprises } Northern of Thailand

  • 1 in 60 SME of Thailand { Project of DITP, }


Business Matching: 

During due process expectation on October

the expectation within Dec 2020.

1. Commercial Association for Sustainably of

      Agriculture, Casa Association.

 2. Grand Style {Myanmar}.

 3. The Mall, Robinson Departments Store, Big C.



  1. To become a part of SME, an exporter company and OEM of manufactured with Thai coconut and Herbal Thai brand products and organics.

  2. Develop a small company that grown and produce local natural products and engages in Thai wellness healthy activities.

  3. Descendants going to forward in the future can design and have positive thinking and also sharing a margin of 10% to the local church to benefit and build a good community.